Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Aviation Art of Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor is fast becoming one of the best military aviation artists in the world and under the expert tutelage of his father (Robert Taylor) his work is getting stronger and stronger with each new painting. We thought we would highlight some of this exciting young artist's more recent work.

Typhoons Outward Bound by Richard Taylor

The Typhoon’s lethal weaponry is clearly visible in Richard Taylor's beautiful new painting Typhoons Outward Bound. As another fine summer day begins, Typhoon Mk1b’s of 247 Squadron are en-route to the Normandy battlefront, the first of several missions that day. With prints signed by Typhoon pilots who flew and fought at D-Day, there is no doubt that this will become a fine collector’s piece for the future

Tactical Support by Richard Taylor

When it came to hammering German ground forces in the days after D-Day, Lockheed's outstanding P-38 Lightning gained an awesome reputation. Richard Taylor's evocative painting recreates the scene over Pegasus Bridge shortly after D-Day as a pair of P-38 Lightnings thunder inland in support of the advancing allied armies. Below, signs of the recent action are still plainly visible as trucks and their exhausted drivers hasten back to the beach-head to collect reinforcements.

Arctic Hunters by Richard Taylor

High in the Arctic Circle a bitter war of attrition was fought in freezing, unforgiving conditions, the desperate conflict played out against a majestic, awe-inspiring backdrop of beautiful ice-clad mountains. Richard Taylor's spectacular painting portrays the Me109s of 6./JG5 led by Oberleutnant Heinrich Ehrler, while based at Petsamo in Finland, as they soar high above the towering peaks of ice capped mountains glistening in the cold polar air, March 1943. Their dawn patrol keeps constant vigil along the glacial fjords of the Norway's far-northern coastline, as the majestic vista gives the battle-hardened Me109 pilots a brief moment of tranquillity far removed from the grim and bitter battles being fought below.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Closing The Gap by Robert Taylor

This stunning new release has to be one of my favourite Robert Taylor's in recent years. and judging by the buzz it has created on some of the aviation forums I visit, "Closing The Gap" is going to go down a storm. I couldn't help but reserve a Normandy Veterans Edition as I've got a feeling this will be a worthwhile investment.

It's great to finally have a print that really does the Typhoon justice and to be honest apart from Richard Taylors "Typhoon Scramble" (see below) I've nearly always been disappointed with previous prints.

What really sets this print aside apart from the stunning composition is the amount of signatures and the Military Gallery have really gone for it this time. The Normandy Veterans editions feature 20 allied veteran signatures and the Wittman Publishers proofs features an additional twenty-nine Panzer tank commanders and crew who hold Germany’s coveted Knight's Cross. It's also matted to include the authentic and very rare signature of Michael Wittmann, the famous German tiger tank ace. All yours for £4995.00. Ouch! This is one for serious collectors only.

I'm now looking forward to the next Robert Taylor print with even greater anticipation.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Guns by Nicolas Trudgian

Although Nicolas Trudgian released this a while ago (and to be honest I think that Horrido by Robert Taylor stole a lot of its thunder) I feel it is well worth mentioning as its a fine collectors piece.

Big Guns by Nicolas Trudgian

It features the Me 109G's of JG52, including those of the greatest aces of all time, Erich Hartmann and Gerhard Barkhorn as they share the sky with the most highly decorated soldier of The Third Reich, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, in his tank busting Ju87G of SG2.

Perhaps what makes this print really special however is the pencil signatures of 10 Knights Cross holders of the legendary JG52. The print itself is a fine composition with the usual high level of detail in the aircraft that you come to expect from Nicolas Trudgian and a dramatic backdrop featuring the mountains on the eastern front.

Personally if I had a choice between "Horrido" by Robert Taylor or "Big Guns" I think I'd have to go with "Big Guns" as your getting the same collectable signatures and in my opinion more "print" for your money. I'd love to hear what you have to say on this subject and what is the best JG52 print out there. Is "Big Guns" better than the best selling "JG52" by Robert Taylor? Controversial? I'll let you decide.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gustavs Over Sola-Stavanger by Barry Spicer

Part of what the Military Aviation Art Blog is all about is creating buzz about artists that aren't as well known as Robert Taylor and Nicolas Trudgian. Following on from Horrido by Robert Taylor is this very nice print by Barry Spicer called "Gustavs Over Sola-Stavanger" (see below) which features a Bf-109G of JG5 flown by Ofw Heinz Halstrick as he circles the German airfield at Sola-Stavanger in occupied Norway, late 1944.

I've always been a sucker for detailed work and I do like a strong focus on the plane itself. The details around the cockpit and underside of the Bf-109G are superb. This is well worth the price and its a signed and numbered print by the artist in an edition of 350. Print size is 23" x 31". Price is 150.00 USD.

Check out more great work on Barry Spicer's website.

Horrido by Robert Taylor

Horrido is the latest print from Robert Taylor and features me109's form the famous JG52 squadron. The topic of JG52 is hugely popular and Robert Taylor's hit 1986 print JG52 still commands record prices on the secondary market as it has long been sold out. The style of the particular painting is reminiscent of Taylor's older work especially the clouds in the atmospheric backdrop and will undoubtedly be popular with die-hard Taylor fans.

What makes this print more unique is the amount of signatures is carries. The limited edition print has 10 veterans from JG52 including Gunther Rall. It's no surprise that the Knights Cross editions despite their high price tags( $3000 & $6000) have already sold out.

"Horrido!" was the battle cry of the Luftwaffe pilots upon sighting an enemy aircraft in World War Two, much the same as "Tally Ho". Horrido was also the title for the popular Robert Bailey print which can be seen below.

Monday, October 23, 2006

New online military art gallery

Aswell as being a genuine fan of military aviation art I'm also the website and marketing director for a new online military art gallery entitled "The Colours Call". The website is a showcase for the very best military artists from around the world and as you would expect features Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian and Simon Atack.

I lot of time and effort has gone into the website and we really hope you find it a pleasant browsing experience. We are adding all the latest releases to the gallery and also some very rare and collectable prints so make sure you pay us a visit from time to time.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cracking new WWI aviation movie

If like me you wanted to see more of the great CGI arial dogfighting sequences that were in Pearl Harbour then the new WWI flick, "FlyBoys" will be just the ticket for you! It follows the story of the 38 idealistic young american volunteers that joined the war effort and formed the squadron that became known as "Lafayette Escadrille" or "legendary Fly Boys".

After watching the trailer I was blown away by the amazing dogfighting scenes between the Sopwith Camels of the British and French armies and Fokker Triplanes from "Richthofen's Flying Circus" and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of the Reb Baron in action.

Despite a slightly dodgy Indiana Jones-esque scene upon a Zeppelin I was very impressed by the trailer and I think the movie will end up being a huge success and surely one to see on the big screen.

Its released on September 29th and I'll get a full review posted as soon as I've seen it. Now roll on the remake of "The Battle of Britain"!

Watch the trailer for Fly Boys.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New website for Nicolas trudgian

I'm sure many of you aviation art enthusiasts will know that Nicolas trudgian, the world renowned military aviation artist has left the military gallery. He has since set up a website over at http://www.nicolastrudgian.com and although in the early stages it looks promising.

Of particular interest to collectors is the fact that Nick is offering an exclusive free print with your first order so make sure you join the Collectors club.