Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cracking new WWI aviation movie

If like me you wanted to see more of the great CGI arial dogfighting sequences that were in Pearl Harbour then the new WWI flick, "FlyBoys" will be just the ticket for you! It follows the story of the 38 idealistic young american volunteers that joined the war effort and formed the squadron that became known as "Lafayette Escadrille" or "legendary Fly Boys".

After watching the trailer I was blown away by the amazing dogfighting scenes between the Sopwith Camels of the British and French armies and Fokker Triplanes from "Richthofen's Flying Circus" and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of the Reb Baron in action.

Despite a slightly dodgy Indiana Jones-esque scene upon a Zeppelin I was very impressed by the trailer and I think the movie will end up being a huge success and surely one to see on the big screen.

Its released on September 29th and I'll get a full review posted as soon as I've seen it. Now roll on the remake of "The Battle of Britain"!

Watch the trailer for Fly Boys.