Saturday, November 19, 2005

The most popular military aviation art print?

I was talking to a gallery owner in Helston, Cornwall a while back and was browsing through some of his spitfire prints. I came across an amazing print of a spitfire by Barrie Clark

Whilst I was looking at the print he mentioned that it was the best selling military aviation art print around. Its not hard to see why and needless to say it will be on my wall before christmas.

Me 262 WWII Military Aviation Print by Mark Littlejohn

I'm a big fan of any WWII aviation art as you can see from this blog and one of the things that has really impressed me is the progress in printing technology. I'm specifically talking about gi-clee canvas prints. These are literally like owning your own painting as they are printed onto high quality canvas and look just like an original but at the fraction of the cost. When you think how much an original would cost from a top artist like Simon Attak or Nicholas Trudgian then this is a very real alternative.
One artist thats really embraced this technology is Mark Littlejohn. In fact his Gi-Clee canvas prints represent some of the best value I've seen coming in at £300 or £365 with a M3 mahogany frame. Not bad at all!
Have a look at this incredible painting of a Me 262 being pursued by a couple of P-51's.

me 262

Check out Mark Littlejohn's military aviation art Gi-Clee gallery for more.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

RAF Lancaster painting by Mark Littlejohn

I'll be writing more about Mark Littlejohn and his works in the future but I wanted to start by posting a great painting of his called "Can we make it skipper?". It shows a Lancaster of No 61 Sqn struggling back across the North Sea after suffering damage from fighter attack during a bombing mission over Germany.

Can we make it skipper?

I've always loved the RAF Lancaster and Mark has really done justice to this stalwart of the RAF. There's a great story behind this painting which is a particular trademark of all Mark Littlejohn's work which you can read at the website. The original painting has been sold but there are prints available along with a very limited edition run of gi-clee canvas prints.

These gi-clee canvas prints are an absolute steal at £300 in my opinion and they look just like an original so if your interested in a fantastic collectors item then grab one while you can.

Currently Mark's work is only available from his gallery in Falmouth, Cornwall or his website and if your outside the UK don't worry he delivers worldwide via insured courier.

Read more about this print and others like it at Mark's online aviation art gallery
If your interested in the gi-clee canvas print visit his gi-clee gallery.

So whats this blog all about?

Well, I love military art. Period. I Particularly like military aviation art and I couldn't find many blogs about this subject so I thought, "what the hell, I'll create my own!"

There are some great artists out there in this niche so I thought I would talk about those popular artists, some up and coming new artists and review some of their best works. I'll also give you a good guide of where to buy prints, giclee's and originals from these artists.

Stay tuned for more!