Saturday, November 19, 2005

Me 262 WWII Military Aviation Print by Mark Littlejohn

I'm a big fan of any WWII aviation art as you can see from this blog and one of the things that has really impressed me is the progress in printing technology. I'm specifically talking about gi-clee canvas prints. These are literally like owning your own painting as they are printed onto high quality canvas and look just like an original but at the fraction of the cost. When you think how much an original would cost from a top artist like Simon Attak or Nicholas Trudgian then this is a very real alternative.
One artist thats really embraced this technology is Mark Littlejohn. In fact his Gi-Clee canvas prints represent some of the best value I've seen coming in at £300 or £365 with a M3 mahogany frame. Not bad at all!
Have a look at this incredible painting of a Me 262 being pursued by a couple of P-51's.

me 262

Check out Mark Littlejohn's military aviation art Gi-Clee gallery for more.

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Gary Moyle said...

You couldn't have failed to notice that this image is missing at the moment. Not to worry its because Mark is repainting the image and its almost completed. I've been lucky enough to see it and I can tell you its a massive improvement. If your a fan of the Me-262 then you'll love this.

I'll post the new image as soon as its ready.